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A Strategic and Critical Metal. Beryllium is one of the lightest and stiffest metals, but there was little industrial demand for it until the 1930s and 1940s when the aerospace, defense, and nuclear sectors began using beryllium and its compounds. ... The mineral beryl is the main source of beryllium mined outside the United States. Beryl is ...

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Of the many beryllium minerals, only two are of commercial importance in the preparation of beryllium metal and its compounds. Bertrandite (Be 4 Si 2 O 7 (OH) 2 ) contains less than 1% Be and is the main beryllium mineral mined in the U.S., while beryl (Be 3 Al 2 (SiO 3 ) 6 is mined in other countries and contains approximately 4% Be.

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The extraction of beryllium from beryl is very costly, and as long as bertrandite is available in large amounts, beryl will be a minor ore of that metal. Small amounts of beryl, mostly produced as a by-product of gemstone mining, are still used to produce beryllium.

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The most important are beryl (beryllium aluminium silicate) and bertrandite (beryllium silicate). Emerald and aquamarine are precious forms of beryl. The metal is usually prepared by reducing beryllium fluoride with magnesium metal.

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properties of beryllium are favorable resulting in the use of the metal in test reactors as a neutron reflector and the genera- tion of the present interest in beryllium for fusion reactors. It is the intention of this discussion to review the production of beryllium as commercially practiced, the physical and me-

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Beryllium was discovered in 1798 by the French chemist Louis Nicolas Vauquelin, who found it in the oxide form in beryl and a green-colored variety of beryl, emerald.The metal was isolated in 1828 ...

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Notable gemstones which contain beryllium include beryl (aquamarine, emerald) and chrysoberyl. As a free element it is a steel-gray, strong, lightweight and brittle alkaline earth metal. ... Pure beryllium metal did not become readily available until 1957, ...

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Beryllium is a metal that can be found in a variety of sources, such as coal and even volcanic dust. Watch this video to discover some interesting facts about beryllium and learn about its uses ...

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The name glucine was changed to beryllium in 1828 to reflect its origin from the mineral beryl and since then it has been its official name. What is Beryllium Used for Today This metal is alloyed with nickel, aluminium, cobalt, copper and other metals in order to increase hardness and resistance to corrosion and increase their ability to ...

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Today, beryllium is primarily obtained from the minerals beryl (Be 3 Al 2 (SiO 3) 6) and bertrandite (4BeO·2SiO 2 ·H 2 O) through a chemical process or through the electrolysis of a mixture of molten beryllium chloride (BeCl 2) and sodium chloride (NaCl).

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Beryllium metal is extracted from beryl and bertrandite. While beryl is found in granite and pegmatite dikes, bertrandite is found in large low-grade deposits. Classified as an extremely coarse ...

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The metal itself is very rarely seen, a grey metal formed mainly by powder metallurgy when used as a metal, but more commonly appears as a minor constituent in alloys. Its name comes from the common mineral beryl, which as emerald and aquamarine is an important gemstone, and …

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this ore and from imported and domestic beryl. Beryllium hydroxide was shipped to a plant in Ohio, where it was converted into beryllium metal, alloys, and oxide. Another company in Pennsylvania purchased beryllium oxide from Asia and converted this material into beryllium alloys. Small quantities of beryl were recovered as a byproduct of U.S.

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There are four primary forms of beryllium: beryl ores, beryllium metal, beryllium oxide, and beryllium alloys. Copper beryllium alloy is most widely used today. It has been estimated that between 26 400 and 134 000 workers are currently exposed to beryllium in the United States ( ).

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Elementymology & Elements Multidict: ... [bèryllos], Greek for beryl. The earth would be reducible to the element Beryllium. Friedrich Wöhler (1800-1882) ... BERYLLIUM, metal of the Beryl And Emerald gems, is a white metal, And light much like Magnesium. It is oft named

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The metal was isolated in 1828 by Wohler and by Bussy independently by the action of potassium on beryllium chloride. Sources Beryllium is found in some 30 mineral species, the most important of which are bertrandite, beryl, chrysoberyl, and phenacite.

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Description. Named for the gemstone beryl, of which it is a component. Beryllium is a soft, silvery-white, shiny metal. It is very light and has a high melting point, so it is desirable for use in metal alloys.

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Beryllium. Beryllium (Be) is a silver-white and very light metal. It has a very high melting point at 2349 °F (1287 °C). It is found in nature primarily as bertrandite, which is mined in Utah, or as beryl.


Beryllium is an extremely lightweight metal that is brittle at room temperature but also extremely hard. Occupying the the fourth spot on the periodic table, beryllium heads the alkaline earth group of metals that includes calcium and magnesium and is the lightest of all metals except for lithium .


beryl, into beryllium hydroxide. Some of the beryllium hydroxide was shipped to the company's plant in Ohio, where it was converted into metal, oxide, and downstream beryllium-copper master alloy, and some was sold. ... reported that net sales of its beryllium alloy strip and bulk products and beryllium metal and composite products were 7% ...

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The metal beryllium is named after this mineral. I used to say here that beryl was named after beryllium, but reader Jeffrey Shallit kindly pointed out the absurdity of that notion, since the mineral was known and named long before the metal.

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1990 Conversion of NDS beryl ore to beryllium metal for the NDS. 1991 Recession, dissolution of the Soviet Union Beryllium found in nature. Pure beryllium is not found in nature. Beryllium compounds can be found in mineral rocks, soil, coal, oil, and volcanic dust. (ball of beryllium below) (diagram of a beryllium atom) ...

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metal bulletin price of beryl ore. metal bulletin price of beryl ore. Beryllium - Wikipedia. Characteristics Physical properties. Beryllium is a steel gray and hard metal that is brittle at room. More Info Iron Ore Index (@IronOreIndex) | Twitter.

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Beryllium is a metallic element, with atomic number 4 and atomic weight 9. The metal is hard, silvery-white in color, and very light. It is less than twice as dense as water and only two-thirds as dense as aluminum, which it somewhat resembles.

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Beryl is also an important industrial mineral, and is mined for the element beryllium (formerly known as glucinium). Beryl is the main ore or beryllium. Beryllium is a very tough metal, and is sometime used in alloy s to strengthen other metals.

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Beryl (Be, łac. beryllium) – pierwiastek chemiczny o liczbie atomowej 4, metal należący do drugiej grupy głównej układu okresowego. Pierwiastek stosunkowo rzadko występujący we Wszechświecie, z reguły jako produkt spalacji większych jąder atomowych, które …

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Som metal er beryllium transparent ved de fleste røntgen-og gamma-bølgelængder, hvilket gør det anvendeligt til outputvinduer i røntgenrør og andre lignende apparater. ... Mineralet beryl, som indeholder beryllium, har været brugt siden mindst det Ptolemæiske dynasti i Egypten.

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The essential element beryllium is another aspect of beryl that is no less interesting. With an atomic weight of just 9.01, beryllium is the second lightest metal.